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For four decades, Heritage Books, Inc. has provided customers with engaging and informative titles in genealogy, history, military history, historical fiction, and memoirs. Through the passion and commitment of our associates and authors, we have also become the largest genealogy publisher in the world and is also a leading publisher of books on history. We publish 40 -50 titles each month; some are completely new compilations, while others are historical reprints - often with added name indexes or other improvements.


In fact, Heritage Books now has over 4,900 titles to entice scholars and pleasure-readers alike, under four publishing imprints. From fiery accounts of real battles at sea, to rosters of early immigrant settlers, and finally to engaging, fact-rich novels printed-all of these grace our shelves until they reach your mailbox:


         Heritage Books covers historical works and genealogical titles

         Willow Bend Books -- (historical and genealogical titles now being imprinted under Heritage Books)

         Eagle Editions covers memoirs

         Fireside Fiction covers historical fiction


Our staff at Heritage Books is committed to preserving history and the links to the rich legacy of our past through the titles we offer.


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