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Did you know that Heritage Books has over (1091) titles on CD-ROM?  CDs are an excellent way to have all the information you’re looking for—right at your fingertips and easily searchable from your computer!

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All of our recent CD-ROMs contain images: that of the book listed on the CD case and in the item's description at the Heritage Books webstore. We scan the pages of a book and then place those page images in a program which allows you to browse through them. Essentially, you are looking at pictures of the actual book. These "pictures" are stored in a program with a ".PDF" extension so you can easily view them using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

There are three advantages to buying a Heritage Books CD-ROM:

1. Economical Price - our CD-ROMs cost less money to produce, which means we pass the savings onto you!

2. Increased Content - because CD-ROMs can store a lot of information, we often place several books onto one CD and give them to you for the price of less than one of the books bought separately.

3. Durability - CD-ROMs don't fade, their pages can't tear, and they don't break easily. While they do need delicate care to keep from scratching, they are an exceptional way to store and access a great deal of information easily.

Below are additional links to web pages describing Heritage Books’ CD-ROMs and how to use them:

CD-ROM System Requirements

CD-ROM Technical Support


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