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State Boundaries of America: How, Why and When American State Lines were formed



F Jerry Hansen. The United States is a layer cake of interstate boundaries laid down over centuries. This definitive reference, available for the first time in one convenient volume, offers a unique approach to understanding the formation of these boundaries and the accession of states. State formation is presented in a three-pronged approach: State Boundaries; Consolidated List of Grants, Treaties and U.S. Law; and Appendix A: State Line Segments. Cross-referenced data show literally the original text in legal documents spanning over 300 years. Original spelling has been maintained in the earliest descriptions of boundaries. State Boundaries entries show the state and each year a significant development occurred; for example, Virginia (1606, 1609, 1665, 1776, 1784, 1788, 1862).


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Genealogical Guide to Tracing Ancestors in Germany 

Margaret Krug Palen. With the unification of Germany, it is now possible to trace German ancestry with a greater degree of accuracy than could be accomplished in earlier years. Before you endeavor to research by mail or travel to Germany, you will have to do some essential research in the United States. That accomplished, you can begin research in Germany. This book will let you know exactly what kinds of records are available there, where to find them, how to get access to them, and how to decipher them. Helpful features of this book include lists of German terminology and useful phrases with English translations, along with illustrations of Gothic script and many of the types of forms and records you may encounter.

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The British Chronicles


David Hughes. This book tells the fascinating story of British royalty whose unique, illustrious, and ancient heritage unfolds in these pages. It also contains genealogies that trace the royal line from the earliest kings of British mythology through the long line of kings and queens recorded in British history to the present monarch, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This history of the British Monarchy includes new information derived from recent studies by scholars which has not yet made its way into main-stream history books; and gives alternative theories, other possible interpretations of the evidence, and new commentary on old topics. The following topics are discussed in detail: Ancient Britain and Early Kings; Celtic Brehins and the Old British Royal House; Roman Britain; British Emperors; Rulers, Tyrants, and Kings of Dark Age Britain; the Age of Arthur; Anglo-Saxon Bretwaldas; the Viking Age; the Old English Royal House; and the Conqueror and His Successors. The appendix, under separate cover, gives numerous genealogical charts, which trace the royal line from the earliest kings in ancient times through genealogical links connecting the succeeding medieval British dynasties to modern times and the royal family today. These charts also show links via royal marriages between the British Royal House and other royal houses worldwide. A bibliography adds to the value of this work.

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Tombstones of Ireland: Counties Down and Roscommon   

Joanne C. Fisher Schmidt. The author visited these Irish cemeteries in search of ancestors. This work consists of transcriptions of tombstone inscriptions from Banbridge Cemetery, Banbridge First Presbyterian Graveyard, Banbridge Roman Catholic Graveyard, Tullylish Graveyard and Tullylish Presbyterian Church in County Down, Northern Ireland; and from Ardcarne Church, Assylinn Cemetery, Estersnow, Kileenan Graveyard, Kilmore, and Kilnamanagh Cemetery in County Roscommon in the Republic of Ireland. Dates on the tombstones range from the 18th through the 20th century

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