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Men I Have Met In Bed
Men I Have Met In Bed Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 101-A2045
Price: $23.00
Men I Have Met In Bed - Lila Oliver Asher. Ms. Asher is a good listener, and she has spent a lot of time with men in bed. This is a tale of the hospitalized servicemen that the author met while touring with the U. S. O.’s newly-formed volunteer Hospital Sketching Program (1943-1946). Artists in this program traveled to military hospitals and spent a week in each. Drawings provided entertainment and had a therapeutic value for the immobile G. I.’s who were unable to attend the usual U. S. O. shows because of disabling wounds and/or psychiatric problems. “I walked in and found there a silent parade of young kids in white hospital beds with arms strung up or legs poised in rigid marching position—tied up in traction… Beds are three or four deep on either side of a center aisle and the aisle is long—rows of men all lying on their backs in goose-step.”

Transcripts of Asher’s letters represent a substantial portion of the text. Letters and narrative are equally detailed, often humorous, and offer an on-the-scene perspective of her times. In one letter she writes: “I’m glad you won’t mind being my diary on these trips. It is the only way I shall be able to record my adventures. And a diary that answers is the kind to have!” Numerous illustrations enhance the text. (2002), 2004, 5˝x8˝, paper, 226 pp.

ISBN: 0788420453
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