200th Anniversary of the Organization of the First Congregational Church, New Milford, Connecticut


This slender volume contains the “account of the Bi-Centennial exercises commemorating the two hundredth anniversary of the founding of The First Congregational Church of New Milford, Connecticut…reproduced from The New Milford Times of October 19, 1916.” A historical address was given by the church’s pastor, The Reverend Mr. Johnson “in which he reviewed the church’s two hundred years of history, outstanding events of significance in the growth of church and town, and visioned the church’s future and what it should come to mean in the years to come.” This address is preserved on these pages along with accounts of addresses given by other speakers: Rev. T. J. Lee, Rev. F. A. Johnson, Rev. Dr. Rockwell H. Potter, and Rev. Dr. Newell Dwight Hillis. The coverage of this four-day event is liberally peppered with names.


First Congregational Church of New Milford, Connecticut


(1916), 2006, 5½x8½, paper, 48 pp.

ISBN: 9780788442674