Memoir of a French and Indian War Soldier [by] "Jolicoeur" Charles Bonin

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 Memoir of a French and Indian War Soldier [by] "Jolicoeur" Charles Bonin  - Andrew Gallup. This memoir is unique. It is not only a first-person account of the French and Indian War, a scarce commodity, but it is also the work of a common soldier, rarer still. Charles Bonin's story reads as if the reader were sharing wine with the old veteran in a Paris cafe. It was first published in Quebec by Abbe H. R. Casgrain in 1887. In 1941, the Pennsylvania Historical Commission translated Casgrain's work. This edition includes the notes of the previous editions and additional explanations by Mr. Gallup, 1745-1761. (1993), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, indices, 254 pp. </br> 101-G0872 </br>ISBN: 1556138725