The Murray Family. History and Heritage from Lena’s Trunk

The Murray Family. History and Heritage from Lena’s Trunk

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The Murray Family: History and Heritage from Lena’s Trunk.
Helen Murray White

I have tried to be the story teller for the family. In a few generations no one will remember the great-grandparents. Family stories and legends will die. But one day, a young person will suddenly ask, “Who were my ancestors? Where did they come from?” Hopefully this book will answer questions about the ancestors’ lives and the historic events they experienced.

This family is similar to so many others in the United States: an immigrant ancestor, sons who fought in wars, sons who invested their money and hard work in their communities, daughters who married and disappeared into their new families. It tells about the struggles of men and women who settled in the wilderness, survived illnesses, deaths of spouses and children, and major financial depressions. It is also a story of strong women, facing impossible odds to keep their families together. It is the story of George Murray, a soldier in the French and Indian War, who settled in New York, and his descendants who moved west to Ohio and Missouri.

2019, 6x9, paper, 180 pp. W5806 - $27.00