NGS Research in the States: Rhode Island

NGS Research in the States: Rhode Island

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NGS Research in the States: Rhode Island. NGS Special Publication #123. Lori Thornton.

Almost four hundred years ago, Roger Williams, a minister who believed in universal religious freedom and the separation of church and state, founded the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Known for its independence, Rhode Island did not establish a state capital for several centuries. With the advent of the American Industrial Revolution, which began in Rhode Island, the nineteenth century witnessed the departure of Rhode Island families from their scraggly farmland to points north, south, and west. It also saw the arrival of a booming immigrant population, who were employed at the mills.

Given its history, Rhode Island presents family historians and genealogists with exceptional challenges. The authors share their intimate knowledge of Rhode Island’s genealogical records and their historical context. Researchers learn about the state’s unique record sets, seaman’s protection certificates, divorce records, and a wide array of town records, where most governmental operations took place. The book covers important repositories and libraries. Records for Native American, early English settlements, and additional immigrant groups are all covered, with guidance on census, church, town, court, immigration, military, newspaper, and vital records. 2018.