The Home Front in World War II: From the Letters of Essie Mae Hill to Field Director Gerald L. Hill

The Home Front in World War II
From the Letters of Essie Mae Hill to Field Director Gerald L. Hill
George J. Hill, M.D., D.Litt., Captain, Medical Corps, USNR (ret)


Rolling with Patton and The Home Front present the true story, in two volumes, of an American family in World War II. It is a bittersweet tale of the patriotism and dreams of a father and mother from Iowa and their two sons. The Hill family survived the war, although the ending was different than they expected. Gerald Hill volunteered for duty with the American Red Cross. He was away for eighteen months as the war in Europe came to a climax. He was there as a Red Cross Field Director, in combat, with the 303rd Regiment, 97th Division, of the American Army. Essie Mae Hill did her job on the home front. In spite of shortages and rationing, she kept their house warm, fed and clothed two rambunctious boys, and taught Navy pre-flight students. Gerald and Essie Mae Hill believed that what they were doing was historic, and they kept a careful record of it – in letters, photographs, documents and souvenirs. Many years after they died, their son discovered the items that they had preserved. Rolling with Patton is Gerald’s story, which they planned to call “A Red Cross Man in Europe.” The Home Front takes readers to another side of the war, where Essie Mae and their sons did their jobs, while their Daddy was away.

2020, 8½x11, paper, , 210 pp