History of Delaware, 1609-1888

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History of Delaware, 1609-1888 - Colonel J. Thomas Scharf. A Standard Reference for genealogists and historians of Delaware. Originally published in 1888, this work is a genealogist’s history in that it is not a general interpretative history but a compendium of facts and names. Most of this work covers hundred (county sub-division) by hundred the early land owners, business owners, church leaders, county officials, and others. There are occasional sketches of early families.Originally published in two volumes, we include a third volume which gives a complete index. The original index left many of the names of persons and organizations buried in the text, typical of the personal histories of the late 19th century. (1991), 2001, 8½x11, cloth, index, 3 vols., 2064 pp. 101-D012 ISBN: 0940907151