King George County, Virginia Court Orders 1746-1751

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King George County, Virginia Court Orders 1746-1751 - Mary Marshall Brewer. Detailed abstracts of the order books, which covered matters coming before the court such as probate, appointment of guardians and administrators of estates; appointments of county officers such as surveyors, constables, persons to take tithables, persons to inventory and appraise an estate; petitions to build a mill, build a road; adjudgements of the ages of slaves; cases of thievery, assault, and bastardy; chancery cases. Matters of probate include date the will was presented and statements by the widow or others that an individual had died without a will. There are also civil cases dealing with debt and with punishment of runaway indentured servants. 2007, 5½x8½, paper, index, 207 pp.

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