Colonial Families of Delaware, Volume 1

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Colonial Families of Delaware, Volume 1 - F. Edward Wright. Using church, probate, land, orphan's court, and other records, primary and secondary, the author has reconstructed family lineages primarily of Kent County and a few from Sussex County. The following families are covered in detail: Allee, Allston, Badger, Bailey, Bartlett, Bedwell, Betts, Booth, Brinckloe/Brinckley, Burton, Clayton, Clifford, Clowes, Cowgill, Curtis, Farson, Glover, Hanson, Irons/Hirons, Hunn, Kelly, Lewis, Lowber, Manlove, Martin, Maxfield/Maxwell, Mifflin, Murphy, Needham, Newell, Nock, Offley, Oliver, Palmatary, Paradee, Park, Parvis, Pleasanton, Quilling, Rawlings, Rodney, Sipple, Walker, Wallace, Watson, Webb, Whitehart.

(1998), 2010, 5½x8½, paper, index, ix+309 pp.

101-D1949 ISBN: 1585490199