The Texas Navies: The Civil War in Texas and the Southwest

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The Texas Navies: The Civil War in Texas and the Southwest - Roy Sullivan. "The contributions of the Texas Navy to the Republic (of Texas) were more important than contemporaries understood. During the critical first months of revolution, the Navy fought off blockaders, interrupted Mexican supply lines, and provided the opportunity for victory at San Jacinto. Later, aided by American and French quarrels with Mexico, it prevented a sea-borne or sea-supported attack of Texas. And finally, in 1843 the Navy thwarted a well-organized full scale invasion of Yucatan which, if successful, would have led inevitably to reinvasion, possibly reconquest of Texas." Many people have never heard of the Republic of Texas, nor know that the "Lone Star State" was its own nation for ten years after winning independence from Santa Ana at San Jacinto. Texans were on their own, struggling to create a new republic in the mold (and shadow) of the United States. A navy was needed-a strong and feisty one-to defend 600 miles of Texas Gulf coast from a strong and aggressive Mexico which wanted Texas back. To defend themselves Texans had three navies. The Impromptu Navy was a collection of hearty individuals and small craft curbing Mexico's harsh authority along the coast. The First Navy blockaded Mexican ports, seized shipping carrying arms and munitions to Mexican armies and reduced Mexico's powerful navy to an escort role. The Second (and last) Texas Navy's sailing ships confronted Mexico's state-of-the-art warships, defeated them, preventing Mexico's blockade of its rebellious Yucatan and Tabasco provinces while forcing Santa Ana to an armistice with Texas. 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 150 pp. 101-S4370 ISBN: 0788443704