Memoir of Catharine Brown, A Christian Indian of the Cherokee Nation


Catherine Brown was a Cherokee who made quite an impression on the missionaries at the Brainerd School near Chattanooga, Tennessee, with her intelligence and desire to learn. It was not long before she became a devoted Christian desiring to glorify God and carry the light of the gospel to her brothers and sisters of the Cherokee, who walked in darkness and superstition. Catherine’s life was short; she died of tuberculosis at only twenty-three years of age, but her story is remarkable and stirring.
The author is not conscious of having exaggerated a single fact, nor of having made a single statement not drawn from authentic documents. His object has been to give a plain and true exhibition of the life and character of a very interesting convert from heathenism. 
This book is reprinted from the second edition of the work published in 1825. 


Rufus Anderson


1825, reprint, paper, 132 pp.

ISBN: 9780788478154