1850 Daviess County, Missouri Census


                                    1850 Daviess County, Missouri Census 

                                  Audrey L. Woodruff and Nadine Hodges

Daviess and Caldwell Counties were a part of Ray County until December 1836 when they were made separate counties. The county was named in honor of Colonel Joseph H. Daviess of Kentucky who fell at the battle of Tippecanoe in 1811. In 1837 the county seat was located in Gallatin and at that time the war against the Mormons was raging before the forces of General Doniphan. When General Doniphan reached Daviess County, the Mormons burned the town of Gallatin. In 1840 a brick courthouse was build in Gallatin.

This is a 1850 Census, therefore this is the first of the census to list all of the names of all living within the household with their sex, age, occupation and birth of parents. A few other facts are given of historical importance.

Included in the volume is a listing of the residents of Daviess County on January 1, 1837 as a tax list and by 1840 there were 280 voters [male over 21 years of age]. These names are included in the index as well as the families in the 1850 Census.

Reprinted 2019, 8.5"x11", surname index, soft cover, 65pp