Index of Anne Arundel County Maryland Death Certificates 1840-1920


This book shows where to find specific Anne Arundel County, Maryland death certificates at the Maryland State Archives. Maryland death certificates are issued in the county where the person died, not their residence or burial location. Death certificates for Anne Arundel County were recorded only sporadically from 1840 until about 1910. Early certificates covered only a handful of localities, particularly Annapolis and Northern Anne Arundel County. This index includes persons who were known or presumed to have been buried in the county, including prisoners and institutional residents. Information was obtained from the electronic version of the death certificates at the MSA. Anne Arundel County lists certificates by month and year of death and then alphabetically by surname. Names are listed as shown on the certificates followed by possible alternative spellings or as a separate entry for major spelling differences. The index includes stillbirths, miscarriages, and abortions. Deceased children’s parents are named within parentheses.

Christine N Simmons

Soft cover, 277 pp.