NGS Research in the States: District of Columbia

Research in the States: District of Columbia
Pamela Boyer Sayre and Richard G. Sayre
NGS has published a new book in its Research in the States series, Research in the District of Columbia by Pamela Boyer Sayre, CG Retired (2021), FUGA, and Richard G. Sayre, CG®, CGL, FUGA. Given the scope of records housed in DC, Research in the District of Columbia is a welcomed and an invaluable guide for new and seasoned genealogists. It offers a detailed overview of the many repositories and records for family historians researching ancestors who may have lived in DC as well as anyone for whom a federal record may exist such as
  • someone who served in the military,
  • an employee of the federal government,
  • a prisoner of war,
  • someone convicted in federal court, or
  • immigrants who applied for citizenship

Research in the District of Columbia, NGS Special Publication No. 140, is one volume in the Research in the States series edited by Barbara Vines Little, CG®, FNGS, FVGS.
2023, paper, 53 pp.
ISBN: 9781935815563