Abstracts of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Deed Records, Volume 2


Abstracts of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Deed Records, Books R, S, T, U, Deeds Recorded 1774-1769, Volume 2. Edward N. Wevodau. Lancaster County Deed Books R-U including areas now comprising Dauphin and Lebanon Counties, Deeds Recorded 1774-1789) This second volume abstracts four additional Lancaster County Deed Books. While the abstracted deeds were brought to Lancaster to be recorded between 1774 and 1789, the indentures date from 1711 to 1789, with the majority being executed in the 1774-1785 time frame.

For sundry reasons, citizens often did not bring their deeds to Lancaster to be recorded. Thus, a transaction from 1748 may not be recorded until 1775, after the property had been sold again. Users should also understand that deeds were recorded in several books simultaneously; hence, there will be overlapping in the dates of recording between volumes in this series. Index.

2003, 8.5" X 11", paper, 227 pp.

ISBN: 1558563989