Bedford County, Virginia Birth Records 1853-1856


Bedford County, Virginia Birth Records 1853-1856. Ann Chilton.

Bedford County, Virginia began recording birth records in 1853. The only source before that time was family Bibles and personal records. This straight-forward compilation lists the name of newborn, date of birth, parent's name, and father's occupation. If the child was a Slave, it is listed as such with the Mother's*, Father's*, and owner's name. Free 'negroes' are also listed.
* When Available. In most instances, the mother's first name is given and the slave carrys the surname of the owner. In the majority of cases, the mother also carries owner's surname.





  • KEYS, Missouri Catherine, b. Jan. 6, 1855. Parents: Charles & Mildred F. KEYS. Father was a farmer.
  • HATCHER, Pleasant, b. Dec. 1855, Slave. Mother: Mary. Owner: Henry HATCHER
  • CRUMP, Susan M, b. March 21, 1854. Parents: Ben & Frances M. CRUMP. Father was a farmer.

163 Pages, 8.5"x11", Full Name Index, Softcover