Crittenden County, Kentucky History and Biographies

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Crittenden County, Kentucky History and Biographies.

Crittenden County, Kentucky was created in 1842 from the eatern part of Livingston County and was named for John J. Crittenden (1787-1863), a U.S. Attorney General, Senator and the fifteenth Governor of Kentucky from 1848-1850. The sources of information for this volume are found in two records, first History of Kentucky by Lewis Collinis written in 1882 and secondly, KENTUCKY: A History of the State written by W. H. Perin, J. H. Battle and G. C. Kniffin written in 1885. Most of the biographical information came from the families involved, and therefore, should be more accurate than many other sources.

Example from this volume:

I. N. CLEMENT was born in what is now Crittenden County, then Livingston County, KY April 11,1819, and is a son of Isham and Sallie (Rudd) Clement; the former was born in Charlotte County, VA, the latter in Amelia County [VA]. Etc.