Cushman Genealogy and General History

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Cushman Genealogy and General History, including the Descendants of the Fayette County, Pennsylvania, and Monongalia County, Virginia Families

Alvah Walford Burt

Robert Cushman, the ancestor of all the Cushmans in the United States, was born in England.? He was a well-known agent of the Leyden Pilgrims in England. Robert (born 1577/8 - died about 1625) and his son Thomas (baptized 1607/8 - died 1691) arrived from England on the Fortune at Plymouth in New England in November 1621. Robert returned to England on business a month later, leaving his son in the care of Governor Bradford. Thomas later married Mary Allerton (1610-1699) who was the last female survivor of those who arrived on the Mayflower in 1620. ?From Thomas Cushman and his wife, Mary, and their descendants have come all the Cushmans in the United States, they are therefore of full blood Puritan stock, both their paternal and maternal ancestors having been among the Pilgrims who settled at Plymouth. In this work the author has made record up to the fourteenth generation in some families, and have found so many Roberts, Thomases and Isaacs and have further noticed in some families the use of the same given-first-name through three successive generations. The author's devotion to serious research is evident in this detailed record of the Cushman family. This book was written in the belief that it would strengthen morale, build character, and be of more than usual worth and value to the Cushmans of the present and future. Photographs enhance the text.

(1942), 2016, paper, 434 pp.

ISBN: 9780788447082