Delta County, Texas Index To Probate Cases 1870-1939

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                           Delta County, Texas Index To Probate Cases 1870-1939

                                                              WPA Project 

The publication herewith presented, an index to the probate cases filed in Delta County, Texas. It is intended to meet the requirements of day-to-day usage by the officials of the county, attorneys, businessmen and other citizens who have occasion to consult probate cases records for the proper conduct of their affairs. For the genealogist and historians it is a reference to obtain the unpublished source materials.

The names of the deceased persons, minors, and other principals are arranged alphabetically, with reference to the filing date of the case and the case number. The notation "no papers" following the name of the principal indicates that no case papers were located during the inventory. Differentiation between probate cases assigned duplicate numbers is accomplished by the addition of a letter following the case number and by numerals in parentheses.

In Delta County, these probate case papers are filed in steel file drawers. The papers pertaining to each case are filed upright in separate file jackets. The file jackets are arranged according to the surname of the principal in file drawers marked with the letters of the alphabet.

An example of one entry is as follows:

ABBOTT, Joseph D., deceased [filed] 22 June 1925 [case No.] A 165

1941, (2023), paper, 42 pp.

ISBN: 9780788476174