Kanawha County, Virginia 1810 Federal Census: A Transcription

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Kanawha County, Virginia 1810 Federal Census: A Transcription.

John Vogt. 2008.

A faithful and accurate transcription of the first surviving census for this western Virginia county from which all or part of nineteen counties ultimately were formed.

SURNAMES included in the 1810 Kanawha census are:
Adkerson; Alderson; Alexander; Alts; Anderson; Asbury; Atkerson; Austin;

Bagess; Bailes; Baily; Baker; Baldin; Ballard; Barger; Barker; Barrett; Barris; Baxter; Beach; Belber; Bently; Blain; Blake; Boggs; Bosworth; Bowman; Breckett; Briant; Britt; Brooks; Brown; Bryant; Buckle; Burke; Bush; Buster;

Campbell; Canada; Canterbury; Cantsill; Carrol; Cartmell; Caruthers; Casdorph; Casey; Cavender; Chapman; Childers; Childress; Christian; Clark; Claypole; Cobb; Comaga; Combs; Conner; Cooper; Cottle; Counch; Cremans; Crowder; Cunningham;

Daggs; Darlington; Dauling; Davis; Dawny; Dawson; Denison; Dilly; Dixon; Doddridge; Donally; Dorch; Dornson; Dudding; Dufield; Duke; Dunbar;

Ellis; Entsminger; Estill; Everit; Everitt; Evilsizer; Ewing;

Filson; Fitzwaters; Fletcher; Foster; Fowler; Frame; France;

Galahan; Galasby; Gatewood; Gilespee; Givens; Graham; Grass; Green; Greenlee; Griffith; Groves; Guthery; Guthry;

Hambrick; Hamilton; Hamrick; Hanack; Hanceford; Hankins; Hanly; Hanna; Hardwick; Harell; Haris; Harmon; Harrison; Haugh; Haynes; Hays; Heaten; Henry; Hester; Heys; Higginbottom; Hill; Hitt; Hix; Holly; Holyday; Homes; Hoover; Horner; Horton; Huddleston; Hudlin; Hudson; Hufh; Hughes; Hutcherson;

Insco; Irwin;

James; Jarrad; Jarred; Jarret; Jarrett; Jefferies; Jenkins; Jinkins; Johnson; Johnston; Jones; Jopling;

Kean; Kearns; Keenan; Kelly; Kinder; King; Kirkpatrick; Kounts; Kringrey;

Lacy; Lamasters; Lane; Lawhorn; Lawrence; Laywell; Lee; Lett; Lewis; Lickins; Lilly; Littlepage; Lively; Long; Low;

Madcaff; Mahurin; Marson; Martin; Massie; Mathews; Maupin; McAlister; McCawlin; McClewer; McCorkle; McCown; McCoy; McCue; McNeely; McNeetle; Meadows; Medley; Medly; Milam; Milburne; Miller; Moloham; Molohan; Montgomery; Moody; Moor; Morice; Moris; Morison; Morris; Murphey;

Neal; Neely; Newgen; Newhouse; Nicholes; Nichols; Niler; Noyes; Null;


Parish; Parks; Patrick; Paul; Pauly; Pearson; Perry; Persinger; Phelps; Phillips; Pittzel; Poor; Price; Priestly; Prior; Proctor; Putman;

Racket; Ramsey; Ray; Reader; Reaves; Reynolds; Rider; Roberts; Robinson; Rodgers; Ross; Rucker; Ruffner; Russell;

Samuels; Sawyers; Seys; Shark; Shaver; Shipe; Shirkey; Shrewsbury; Silket; Simms; Sims; Skiles; Slack; Slaughter; Smack; Smith; Spangler; Sparks; Stackton; Stanly; Stark; Starke; Steel; Stephen; Stephenson; Stevenson; Stewart; Stilt; Story; Stover; Stowers; Strickler; Styles; Swan; Swearingen;

Tackett; Taylor; Thomas; Thompson; Toney; Trigg; Tudor; Turly;


Venable; Vincent;

Waldron; Walker; Wallace; Ward; Ware; Watts; Waugh; Welch; Wells; Wheeler; White; Whitteker; Williams; Williamson; Wilson; Wily; Windsor; Wood; Workman;