Map Guide To Swiss Parish Registers - Volume 2 - Bern II

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Map Guide To Swiss Parish Registers - Volume 2 - Bern II

Kevan M. Hansen

Map Guide to Swiss Parish Registers - Vol. 2 - Bern II is the second of two volumes covering Canton Bern. The first volume Bern I covers he rest of historic Canton Bearn

Unlike American genealogical research, where the place to search is usually a civil registration (city, county, and state), European research is usually related to an ecclesiastical jurisdiction. In 18th and 19th century Switzerland, one must search the parish registers for births, christenings, marriages, deaths and burials. The historic boundaries for the Swiss cantons and amtsbezirke are quite well defined, and this volume lays them out in map form. Listings are given for both Catholic and Protestant parishes, along with what records are available and where to access them. Contact information, and the municipalities covered by each parish is found, making your Swiss research much easier to accomplish.

2017, paper, 300 pp.

ISBN: 9781628590890