Nicknames, Past and Present, 5th Edition Expanded

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<strong> Nicknames, Past and Present, 5th Edition Expanded. </strong> - Christine Rose. This popular booklet, first published in 1987, in now enlarged. It has over a thousand entries cross-referenced by given name and nicknames. For those unfamiliar with “old” nicknames such as “Patsey” for Martha, “Peter” for Patrick, “Nabby” for Abigail, “Sandy” for Alexander, etc., this booklet can save you time in your search. Also invaluable in working with first name indexes such as soundex, and many courthouse indexes. Also includes two appendixes for translating Dutch to English and English to Dutch given names. (1998), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, viii+69 pp. </br> 711-Nick </br>ISBN: 0929626185