PDF: Cheseldine and Gerard Families of Maryland

PDF: Cheseldine and Gerard Families of Maryland

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Cheseldine and Gerard Families of Maryland - Edwin W. Beitzell. Any Cheseldine living in America today could be descended from Kenelm and Mary Cheseldine. After his father's death in 1669, Kenelm Cheseldine, the second son of an Anglican minister, emigrated from Braunston Manor, England, to the United States. Upon his arrival, he bought 540 acres of land in Kent County on the Eastern Shore and settled there with his wife, Bridgett Faulkner. Kenelm was in his twenties when Bridgett died, and he remained in Kent County for six to seven years before marrying again. His second wife, Mary Gerard, brought to the marriage in 1677, a dowry containing an undocumented amount of acres of land in St. Mary's County. This parcel was part of 16,400 acres of land that had been granted to her father, Sir Thomas Gerard, by Lord Baltimore, beginning in 1637. Kenelm and Mary had four children together. He would go on to serve as Ambassador to England for Maryland, Speaker of the Maryland General Assembly and Maryland State Attorney General. Many members of the family contributed to the completion of this manuscript, written in the 1940s by Edwin Beitzell, but never published. It begins with a discussion of the Cheseldine family in England and America, followed by hundreds of genealogical entries. The family is traced through twelve generations, with many new names added from the late twentieth century. Typical entries include date and place of birth; parents' names; spouse's name, birth date and birthplace; date of death and place of burial; names and birth dates of children. In this book you will find the following names that claim this heritage: Cheseldine, Gerard, Anderson, Arnold, Baggett, Bailey, Barbour, Barlow, Basile, Beitzell, Biggs, Blackistone, Branson, Buckey, Carter, Clements, Cryer, Curtis, Dent, Dingee, Dunnigan, Ellis, Fissell, Gardner, Gibson, Hall, Haskins, Hayden, Hewitt, Husemann, Johnson, Jowles, Knott, Lawrence, Mattingly, McWilliams, Meushaw, Miller, Morgan, Morris, Norris, Owens, Pogue, Quinnette, Richard, Russell, Simpson, Smith, Swann, Sweeny, Taylor, Thompson, Tippett, Turner, West, Yates and many more. Maps, photographs, letters and articles add to the interest of this genealogy.

(2000), 2008, Electronic Download, index, 410 pp.

PDF-B1650 ISBN: 0788416502