CD: Indiana, Volume 2

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CD: Indiana, Volume 2 - HB Archives. This CD-ROM contains electronic image reprints of the following five books of Indiana history:

Local History & Genealogy Abstracts From "Fairmount News," Fairmount, Indiana 1888-1900 (Volume 1) & 1901-1905 (Volume 2) - Ralph D. Kirkpatrick (1997, 1998). Fairmount, Indiana was first settled in the 1820s by North Carolina Quakers who were "escaping the moral blight of a southern society based on human slavery." Volume 1 covers the late 19th century, with abstracts from "all existing Fairmount newspapers published through 1900." Volume 2 covers the early 20th century, chronicling the effects of industrial and commercial enterprises, and technological advances such as electric lights, telephones and automobiles. Included are abstracts of births, marriages and deaths gleaned from Fairmount newspapers 1901-1905.

Back Creek Friends Cemetery Burial Records - Ralph D. Kirkpatrick (1995). Back Creek is an important link in this westward movement of Friends. Among the burials is at least one Confederate a veteran, two or more former slaves, a veteran of the War of 1812, physicians, attorneys, schoolteachers, and ministers of various denominations. Back Creek Friends furnished more soldiers during the Civil War than any other Friends group in Indiana; and also, many of actor James Dean's relatives are buried in Back Creek Cemetery.

Biographical & Historical Sketches of Early Indiana - William Wesley Woollen (1888). Many of the sketches contained in this book were originally published in the Indianapolis Journal, including deceased governors of Indiana, both territorial and state, distinguished men and other papers of a historical character.

Historical Sketches & Reminiscences of Madison County, Indiana - John L. Forkner & Byron H. Dyson (1897). A detailed history of the early events of the pioneer settlement of the county, and many of the happenings of the recent years, as well as a complete history of each township, to which is added numerous incidents of a pleasant nature, in the way of reminiscences, and laughable beginning with the pre-settlement period. Biographical sketches are included.

Progressive Men & Women of Kosciusko County, Indiana - B. F. Bowen (1902). Every biographical sketch included was submitted for approval and correction, to the person for whom it was written.

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