CD: Pennsylvania Colonial And Federal, A History 1608-1903, Volumes 1-3


CD: Pennsylvania Colonial And Federal, A History 1608-1903, Volumes 1-3 - Howard M. Jenkins. The aim of these three volumes is to present a thorough history of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and its people. Volume One begins with the Indians of Pennsylvania and the pioneers (1608-1638) who settled in Pennsylvania, devoting separate chapters to the Swedish (1638- 1655) and the Dutch (1655-1664) Settlements. Other chapters continue the timeline of the settlement of Pennsylvania under the Duke of York (1664-1681) and the beginning of Penn's Colony (1681-1700). Other topics include the English Settlement, the French Invasion, the Revolt of the Delawares, the Expulsion of the French, the Men of the Frontier, and Changes to the Government. Volume Two concentrates on the political changes occurring under different administrations beginning with the Last Hereditary Governors and the Revolutionary Campaigns in Pennsylvania. Separate chapters are devoted to the Constitutions of 1776, of 1790, and of 1838, Mifflin's (1790-1799), McKean's (1799-1808), Snyder's (1808-1817), Findlay's and Hiester's (1817-1823), Shulze's and Wolf's (1823-1835), Ritner's (1835-1839), Porter's (1839-1845), Shunk's and Johnston's (1845-1852), Bigler's, Pollock's, and Packer's (1852-1861), Curtin's (1861-1867), Geary's (1867-1873), Hartranft's (1873-1879), Hoyt's and Pattison's (1879-1887), Beaver's and Pattison's (1887-1895), and Hastings's and Stone's (1895-1903) Administrations. Volume Three covers the development of the educational system, the judicial system, the medical profession, journalism, military affairs, internal improvements, natural resources and the development of cities. Numerous illustrations highlight the text in all three volumes and subject, place and fullnames indexes allow easy access to information.

(1903), 2007, Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, 1915 pp.

101-CD2922 ISBN: 0788429221