Miscellaneous Cherokee and Choctaw Records, 1800-1900

Miscellaneous Cherokee and Choctaw Records, 1800-1900
Bob Curry

Contains a wealth of transcribed payment rolls for the Cherokee and Choctaw Indian Nations: the Eastern Cherokee Annuity Roll, the 1856 Choctaw Annuity Roll, a list of Choctaw students educated in the States, and Choctaw Civil War soldiers. These rolls have never-before been formally published. The transcribed bible records from Rhoda Pitchlynns lost bible are also included. The Pitchlynns were a prominent Choctaw family in Indian Territory. The original Indian Rolls are housed at the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington D.C. The Eastern Cherokee Annuity Roll of 1871 lists full name, Miller roll number, sex and age, immigration date, and amount per capita. Choctaw Nation school records (1800s-1900s) list full name, year of graduation, and name of school. The Choctaw Roll (1856) lists certificate number, name of claimant and amount paid. Rhoda Pitchlynns bible records list full name, plus dates of birth and death. A full name index adds to the research value of this book.

(2001), 2008, 8½x11, paper, index, 58 pp.

ISBN: 9780788419126