Barber/Barbour Genealogy: Thomas Barber, The Immigrant 1614-1662


While there has not been any definite proof that Thomas Barber and Samuel Barber are related, available records would indicate a close connection. This connection is supported by DNA evidence. Records indicate that the American progenitor was Francis Barber (born in England about 1616/1617), who may be the same Francis Barber who arrived in Virginia in 1635, and whose children include: Francis, Samuel (who married Elizabeth Heathcote), John, Sarah, Elizabeth, Joseph and William. Before coming to New England, Thomas Barber was apprenticed for nine years (1634–1643) under Francis Stiles, a master carpenter from Millbrook, Bedfordshire, England. Stiles was contracted by Sir Richard Saltonstall to bring apprentices to Windsor, and to build houses in America for Englishmen who were to follow. Thomas Barber arrived in Windsor in 1635. Thomas was cited for bravery in the Pequot War in 1637, and was granted 600 acres of land in return for his service. Thomas died in 1662.

Chapters include: Thomas Barber, The Emigrant; Peter Browne, Mayflower Passenger; Jonathan Gillette, Immigrant (1633) on the Ship Recovery; The Loomis (Loomys) Family; William Nathaniel Barber; William Cone (1662), American Progenitor; William and Moses Barber; Obediah Barber; Jeremiah Smith Baden; North Carolina Barbers; Georgia Barbers; Dr. Luke Barber; George Barber of Maryland; and, Moses and Elizabeth Barber of Goldston, Chatham County, North Carolina. A full-name index completes this work.

Betty Jewell Durbin Carson

2016, 8½x11, paper, index, 250 pp.

ISBN: 9780788457227