CD: Genealogies, Volume 5

CD: Genealogies, Volume 5 - HB Archives. Contains the following five works of genealogy for New England families. Halsey Genealogy Since 1395 A. D., - David Halsey (1995). This text presents new evidence as to the English ancestry of Thomas Halsey, who brought the Halsey name to the New World. The genealogical record uses the "Modified Register Plan" and is exceptionally thorough, covering 18 generations reaching back to John Halsey alias Chambers (b.1498) up to the latest descendant born in December 1994. The Descendants of Nicholas Parlin of Cambridge, Mass. - Frank Edson Parlin (1913). Nicholas Parlin (b. c1640) first appears in the records of Cambridge about 1660. He married Sarah Hanmore, of Charlestown, MA, in November, 1665, subsequently relocating to Concord where he died, March 9, 1722. This book follows his descendants through the 19th century and contains a full name index. Descendants of William Lamson of Ipswich, Mass. 1634-1917 - William J. Lamson (1917). William Lamson is said to have immigrated to North America from England c1634, and first appears on list of Freeman at Ipswich dated May 17, 1637. Covers 10 generations of his male descendants and includes the husbands and children of his female descendants. The Rev. John Williams, Captive of the Indians from 1703-1706 - John Williams and George Sheldon (1908). John Williams was a Puritan minister in Deerfield, MA, at a time of intense hostility between English settlers and the local Indian tribes. On February 29, 1703, Williams himself became a victim when a French and Indian raiding party sacked Deerfield. He spent two and a half years as a captive in Quebec. Williams wrote this account of the ordeal in 1706, and it remained for many years one of the most popular Indian captivity accounts. With a new full name index. Heredity and Early Environment of John Williams "The Redeemed Captive" - George Sheldon (1905). This valuable record provides biographical details of John Williams' youth, education and early adulthood as well as background information into the Puritan faith. The original full name index is retained. The books are presented as graphic images, so the user sees the works just as they were originally published. They are intended to look and function very much like "real" books. This is accomplished using the powerful Adobe Acrobat reader which is provided free on the CD for Windows and Macintosh systems. This CD has no electronic indexes, but the volume has a complete, human-generated, index to people and places. In addition, numerous electronic bookmarks have been added which make it easy to move through the books, and from book to book. This CD is best viewed with monitor resolution 800x600 or higher. 2000, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 1614 pp. 101-CD1266 ISBN: 0788412663