Oldcastle Area Emigration, 1700-2011


                                           Oldcastle Area Emigration, 1700–2011

                                                                         Tom Fox 

This original work presents records showing local emigration as early as 1700, and steady Oldcastle area of Co. Meath, Ireland emigration has continued to the present day, though slowing up since World War II. The early settlement of the Irish was heavy in the three U.S. metropolitan areas of Philadelphia, New York, and Boston; however, the Irish were not limited to the East Coast. The emigrants from this Oldcastle study confirm that widespread settlement was often the rule rather than the exception.
There are almost nine hundred entries in this study. Entries typically list the emigrant’s full name plus any combination of the following: age, date of birth, place of birth, name of spouse or parent, occupation, military service, departure location and/or date, arrival location and/or date, date of death, place of death and/or burial, and varying amounts of other biographical information. Maps, vintage photographs, and a full-name index add to the value of this work.

(2018), 2023, 8½x11, paper, index, 130 pp

ISBN: 9780788429040