Bracken County, Kentucky Death Records 1852-1858, 1861, 1875-1879, and 1904


This volume covers Bracken County, Kentucky death records for 1852-1858, 1861, 1875-1879, and 1904. Each entry contains [** when provided]: Name of Deceased, Age of Deceased**, Sex of Deceased, Residence of Deceased**, Date of Death, Date of Birth**, Place of Death**, Cause of Death, County of Birth**, Occupation of Deceased**, Parents of Deceased**, Marital Status of Deceased**, Race [Black/White/Mulatto].

Elijam King, 21, Male, Single, Farmer, son of John King, d. 1-20-1853
Ann Hathaway, 83, female, widow, seamstress, b. Virginia, Daughter of William S. Pickett, d. 10-27-1853, Paraletic
William Shawhan, 24, male, single, farmer, b. Harrison County, Son of Joseph & Sarah Shawhan, d. 1-7-1853, Consumption.

Frances T. Ingmire

8.5" x 11", Illustrations, Soft Cover, 50 pp.

ISBN: 9780788478482