How Lina Learned to Write and Read According to Friedrich Froebel: A Friendly Guide for Parents, Teachers and Especially for Children


Friedrich Froebel (1782-1852) was the great observer of children. He watched, he listened, and then wrote about these occurrences. Froebel summed up his educational philosophy best when he wrote: "To stir up, to animate, to awaken, and to strengthen, the pleasure and power of the human being to labor uninterruptedly at his own education, has become and always remained the fundamental principle and aim of my educational work." Froebel's educational philosophy, although sometimes difficult to comprehend, is filled with timeless insight and useful information. In many ways he was ahead of his time. Froebel excelled in connecting concepts and what is known and understood by the child to what is not known and how they connect to each other and become unified in the child's thinking and comprehension. In this book, the author has given Froebel's important words a fresh approach in order to help parents and teachers guide children to learn to write and read based upon Froebel's original writings.

Part One of this book includes: The Philosophy behind How Lina Learned to Write and Read; Introduction; Froebel, the Great Observer; Course of Training, overview; Step by Step; Froebel's Laws of Development; Course of Training, continued; and, Education as a Finished Whole.

Part Two includes detailed daily lesson plans and appendices. The appendices provide instructions for making lesson aids, followed by Additional Game Ideas.

Tiffeni J. Goesel has attended, spoken at, and taught at conferences, both domestically and internationally. She has been the assistant researcher for a documentary on the history of kindergarten and continues to write curriculum and guidebooks on Friedrich Froebel's methodolgy and philosophy. Ms. Goesel has used, and continues to use, Froebel's joyful method to teach a variety of children, from toddlers to teens and everyone in-between, as well as mentoring parents and teachers in Froebel Education.

Tiffeni J. Goesel, BA, MEd, Cert. Waldorf, Froebel Pedagogue

2018, 11x8½, paper, 154 pp.

ISBN: 9780788458460