Puritan Children in Exile


The Effects of the Puritan Concepts of the Original Sin, Death, Salvation, and Grace upon the Children and Grandchildren of the Puritan Emigrants leading to the Collapse of the Puritan Period

Anyone who is curious about the Puritan society and religion should read this thought-provoking book. Although the focus centers on Puritan beliefs about the place of children and the parenting practices provided for these disenfranchised children, the basic concepts and motivations of Puritanism are explained and examined with insight and detail. In addition to the concepts mentioned in the title, this work discusses the influence of Bible-based laws in New England; Puritan ideas of death, heaven and hell; Rev. Roger Williams, Anne Hutchinson and the pursuit of toleration; the collapse of the Puritan Period; Puritans becoming outnumbered; economic changes; migration; the Geneva Bible; children, adolescents and families in the Puritan society; psychological, social and other problems of growing up Puritan; and much more. Appendices include: Rev. John Cotton’s Catechism and Spiritual Milk for Babes Drawn out of the Breasts of both Testaments for their Souls Nourishment; a List of 90 books borrowed by Rev. Richard Mather in 1647 from Captain John Johnson; The Massachusetts Body of Liberties (1641); and Thomas Weld’s The cursed opinions of Anne Hutchinson. Scholarly perspective is provided in a foreword by Rev. Joyce Larson Frame and a lengthy analytical epilogue by Dr. Lita Linzer Schwartz, Psychologist.


 Gerald Garth Johnson 

2002, 5½x8½, paper, index, 284 pp.

ISBN: 9780788420092