The Salzburg Lutheran Expulsion and its Impact

The Salzburg Lutheran Expulsion and its Impact

Carl Mauelshagen

Into this fascinating history of Salzburg, home of Mozart and of the Salzburg Festival, Dr. Carl Mauelshagen has woven the story of the banished Salzburg dissenters who sailed across the sea to the English colony of Georgia, there to enjoy the freedom of worship no longer possible in their native land.

Find out why these hardy, industrious, honest folk were expelled from their homeland, and how they came to be hailed in exile as martyrs to their faith.

Salzburg in an area of exceptional beauty nestled in the Bavarian Alps between Bavaria and Austria. The Lutheran Reformation had its echoes in Salzburg, where Protestant dissenters persisted in following the tenets of their faith despite the tactics of the authorities to root them out. The Lutheran Expulsion eventually thrust these people out as "martyrs."

The Salzburgers who came to Georgia, and whose descendants still live there, were among the "martyrs." In this colorful history, the author presents the religious, social, and economic trends of seventeenth and eighteenth century Salzburg; and the people, artists, sculptors, and craftsmen who created the cathedrals, building, parks, and the great works of art.

1962, (1994), paper, 167 pp.

ISBN: 9780788400025