1837 Tennessee Volunteers: Muster Rolls from Various Counties


This volume of the 1837 Tennessee Volunteers is taken from Document Number 34 generated by the 25th Congress, second session in a report from the War Department to the House of Representatives. On the 28th of April 1837, the House of Representatives requested a group of militia to be called for a Muster Call. In response, Governor Newton Cannon of Tennessee called up the men from various counties on either side of the Cumberland Plateau to answer the muster call at either Fayetteville in Lincoln County or Athens in McMinn County. The various counties sent their men and the rolls, enclosed are the men that answered the call, whether they were called up or not. These lists are presented exactly as they appeared in the Report No. 34. They include the men from Jackson, Overton, Anderson, Bedford, Warren, Rutherford, Overton, Sumner and Franklin Counties.

The inside story is that these men answered the call, but did not serve their time out.

United States Department of War

paper, 54 pp.

ISBN 9780788489723