Hampshire County Death Records (1866-1922)


Hampshire County Death Records (1866-1922).

Vicki Bidinger Horton.

This volume consists of about 4,500 death records excerpted from Hampshire County Death Record Books I and II. Hampshire County researchers should not be fooled by the apparent recentness of the book’s dates of coverage, for the majority of the records pertain to decedents who were born before the Civil War (and a few who were born in the late 18th century), when Hampshire County was still part of Virginia. The entries are arranged in alphabetical order and give some or all of the following information: name of the deceased; sex and/or race; date, age, and place of death; name of parent(s); date and place of birth; burial place; name and relationship of person providing the details of death; and source. The compiler has also prepared a separate index of all parents and informants whose names appear in the records.

1993, 2005, paper, 337 pp.
ISBN: 9780806351612