Another Visit to Valley Forge


In the American Revolution, five incidents stand out as defining moments. These are the decision to declare independence from Britain, Burgoyne's surrender at Saratoga, the attack on Trenton and Princeton, Cornwallis' defeat at Yorktown, and the Valley Forge Encampment. Of the five, it is the Valley Forge Encampment — the men and women who were there — that created the first true American army. The army formed by the Encampment became the primary safeguard of our nation throughout the years to come and it is the focus of this study. 

Table of Contents:

  • CHAPTER I The Road to Valley Forge
  • CHAPTER II Endured Suffering
  • CHAPTER III Housing and Shelter
  • CHAPTER IV Subsistence, Food, and Drink
  • CHAPTER V Clothing
  • CHAPTER VI Causes of Shortages
  • CHAPTER VII Special Units - The Life Guards
  • CHAPTER VIII Medical Care
  • CHAPTER IX The Defenses
  • CHAPTER X Organization, Training, and Weapons
  • CHAPTER XI Punishments and Crime
  • CHAPTER XII Conclusions
  • Appendix A The Search for the Encampment Site
  • Appendix B. Duportail and Engineers
  • Appendix C. George Washington's Christmas Eggnog
  • Appendix D. Regimental Manning Levels
  • Appendix E. Units

Arthur E. Chapman

2003, paper, 127 pp.