Swiss Emigration Volume I


Book I includes names of emigrants from the 18th and primarily the 19th century who migrated from and through Switzerland to America. Sources of documentation include emigration records and passport lists from the kantons (states) of Solothurn, Basel, and Aargau. It contains the names, years of birth, places of birth, emigration dates, and sources of information of approximately 7,000 emigrants with origins in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and France. A very valuable portion of this book contains a complete list of zip codes for all Swiss towns and villages as well as a map outlining languages spoken in the various counties of Switzerland. Another research enhancement is a listing of church and probate records (broken down by source and time period) enumerated by towns and villages in Switzerland that have been microfilmed by the Family History Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Form letters in each of the designated languages make it easy for you to obtain information on your ancestors.


Cornelia Schrader-Muggenthaler 

1993, 6" X 9", cloth, 216 pp.

ISBN: 9781558561441