The Incident That Could Have Killed Pittsburgh


This is the story of an investigation of the crash of Air Force B-25. The infamous missing bomber sank in the Monongahela river near Pittsburgh’s Golden Triangle on January 31, 1956 and then VANISHED. Witnesses claim that the plane was secretly recovered. Fifty-two years later, the story is still a mystery.

Robert H. Johns devoted fifteen years of his life to this investigation. He interviewed witnesses, searched out documentation, and reviewed all facts of the crash. The story of his disappointments, suspicions, clandestine operations, evidence of a cover-up, interviews dealing with convenient lack of recall and outright denial, dead ends, clues, and the clueless all keep you on edge as Mr. Johns tells of his efforts.

The Incident That Could Have Killed Pittsburgh is borne out of Johns’ notes and journals. Published with minimal changes by Robert E. Cole, editor, and author of several other books, this book presents the facts behind the incident just as Mr. Johns encountered them, “bit-by-bit and surprising piece-by-piece.” As Johns says, “Those facts, when assembled, present a picture inescapably different from what we were intended to accept.” Without this deception, he asserts, Pittsburgh “might very well have disappeared.”

Read Robert Johns' quest for answers and see for yourself how baffling, how compelling, ultimately how revealing The Incident That Could Have Killed Pittsburgh is.

Robert H. Johns and Edited by Robert E. Cole

2008, paper, 245 pp.

ISBN: 9781558564954