Arkansas Confederate Veteran and Widows Pension Applications


This book contains information abstracted from approximately 50,000 pension applications from ex-Confederate servicemen and their widows living in Arkansas after the Civil War. A researcher's cornucopia publication includes:

  • Veteran's Application Number
  • Veterans Name
  • Widow's Application Number
  • Widow's Name
  • Company in Which Veteran Served
  • Division in Which Veteran Served
  • Dates of Service
  • When Applicable: Date(s) of Wound, Capture, Illness, Taken Prisoner, or Death
  • Veterans Application Date
  • Widows' Application Date
  • County of Residence
  • Veteran's Date of Death
  • Widow's Date of Death

The records found in this book are housed at the Arkansas History Commission. Once you have confirmed your identity and know the application number, you can write the History Commission and request a copy of the application. Complete instructions are provided.

Samples From Book
Vet. #7316
Veteran's Name: ALLEN, Henry
Widow's #7316
ALLEN, Margaret
Company G, 56th Regiment, TN-Infantry Division
Dates of Service: 1862-1865
Widow's Application Date: None
County of Residence: Miller
Veterans Death Date: 6/02/1924
Widows Death Date: None
Vet. #17363
Veteran's Name: LANGSTON, Caleb S.
Widow's #7430
Company G, 27th Regiment, AR-Infantry Division
Dates of Service: 1862-1865
Widow's Application Date: 8/07/1903
County of Residence: Marion
Veterans Death Date: 8/1887
Widows Death Date: 3/28/1925


Frances T. Ingmire

paper, 442 pp.

ISBN: 9780788476457