Boston Taxpayers in 1821, Revised Edition


Boston Taxpayers contains the entire 1821 tax list for both Boston and South Boston, and thus for 99% of Suffolk County, Mass. Originally published in 1822 and never before reprinted, the 1822 book is found today in only a few rare-book collections. This reprint also includes a new 23,000 entry Every-Name Index as well as an Introduction with background information and an explanation of tax-due calculations. A wealth of detail is included, touching on every family in Boston as well as on partnerships, corporations, heirs, and estates. Directly or through the heirs and others who made Boston famous, as well as the names, addresses and possessions of the multitude of merchants, artisans and ordinary citizens who made the city work.

Lewis Bunker Rohrbach

(1822), 1988, cloth, 256 pp.