A Guide to Church Records in the Library of Virginia


When published in 1981, the church records guide was one of the first guides to archival collections and set the standard for other guides that followed. In the twenty years following the publication of A Guide to Church Records in the Archives Branch of the Virginia State Library and Archives, compiled by Jewell T. Clark and Elizabeth Terry Long, the Library of Virginia has acquired more church records. This new church guide is not a second volume but a revision including entries for the church records described in the first guide and the newly acquired church records. The records described are among the oldest in Virginia, dating back to 1647, and include important social and family information in addition to documenting the history of religious life. A valuable research tool for those interested in exploring their family history and genealogy.

Gerald Gaidmore

(1981), 2001, 2nd ed.

ISBN: 9780884901983