Personal Marriage Records of Rev. J.J. Strine


Personal Marriage Records of Rev. J.J. Strine.

Frederick S. Weiser and Debra D. Smith

Rev. Strine served a roster of parishes as developed by M.L. Heisey. They included: Elizabethtown (Christ), Maytown (St. John’s), Strasburg (St. Michael’s), Conestoga, Columbia (Salem), Leacock (Zion), Marietta, Rohrerstown (Salem), Landisville (Mountville), Mt. Pleasant, Concordia, and Manor Schoolhouse. He served these congregations and what might be called preaching points faithfully as entries in surviving registers attest. In a day of slow transportation, his parish covered quite a distance at any given time, even with the coming and going of congregations. His death came suddenly on 4 April 1870, for he had conducted a marriage on 29 March, probably the last ministerial act he performed. Since no licensing was required, there were also no public records kept of those who married. Most marriages in this time period were performed by clergy and whether records were kept depended on them. This record of over 4500 marriages in six of the first seven decades of the nineteenth century reveal interesting details about the practice of marriage ceremonies at that time (1815-1870). It includes an interesting and informative introduction followed by an every name index.

2002, 6" X 9", cloth, 202 pp.

ISBN: 1558563695