Banning Branches: Revised Edition

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Banning Branches: Revised Edition - Leroy F. Banning. The Banning name originated in Denmark more than a thousand years ago. This book opens with a short history of the Bannings, touching on some of the more distinguished holders of that name, especially in the United Kingdom, Holland and the states of Maryland, Delaware and New York. Basing his research on P.W. Banning's First Banning Genealogy of 1908, the author has spent twenty-five years correcting errors and adding new branches.

He covers nine Banning lines in the United States, going back to 1680, as well as three from Canada and four from Europe. Each of these chapters begins with a Banning from one of several American states, England, Canada or Germany. A chapter called "Other Bannings" covers several other lines, mostly in the U.S. Much of the material on these diverse Banning lines comes from other researchers. This revised edition, in fact, updates almost all the lines with new material and corrected errors provided by Banning descendants who read the 1994 original. The most substantial additions are to the John and Samuel Banning lines of Lyme, Connecticut.

The everyname index, with more than nine 9,000 names, has been updated as well, but it retains the very helpful format of indicating maiden names, year of birth, and whether a person died before age eighteen. This additional information is beneficial when one is looking up a popular name, such as "Mary Banning," which occurs more than 150 times.

(1997), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, index, 494 pp.

ISBN: 9780788407260