Sandlot: “The Soul of Baseball”

Sandlot: “The Soul of Baseball”

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Sandlot: “The Soul of Baseball” - William A. Aleshire.

This is a story about black sandlot baseball teams and some of their individual team members who played in and around Prince George's County, Maryland. Through photographs, text, personal interviews and newspaper accounts, this book enlightens the reader about the exciting and fascinating story of the Washington Blacksox and other sandlot baseball teams who emerged before and after Jackie Robinson had broken the major league baseball color barrier in 1947. This is the first written documentation of these local baseball teams. These teams received little public notice while playing sandlot baseball for fun and the love of the game. The book also acknowledges those Negro league teams that played in Prince George's County as well as the local players who were members. Therefore, this book is a must for historians and serves as a perfect backdrop for exploring an "untold story" of the black baseball experience.

(2005), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, index, 252 pp.

101-A3554 ISBN: 078843554X