Osgoodtown: A Novel Based on the Diaries of David Edwards


A Daily Record of Life In Northeast Pennsylvania from 1872 to 1920

David Edwards (1839-1921) led an eventful life. He was a drummer during the Civil War, managed a hotel, ran stagecoaches, hauled milk, lumbered, dowsed for water, huckstered produce, and farmed. David kept diaries with daily entries for many years that have preserved his first-hand accounts of another era. Readers will enjoy this intimate portrait of David Edwards, his family, and his time. Diary abstracts are preceded by a fictionalized account of David's life based on his diaries. The author, David's great-grandson, was raised on the same northeastern Pennsylvania farm where David and his wife, Lucinda Chapman Edwards, raised their family. It is likely that many of their experiences in this rural setting were similar. Darrell Edwards has constructed a picture of life as it was lived in David's time and recorded some of the history of the area in which he lived.

Darrell Edwards

2004, 6x9, paper, 280 pp.

ISBN: 9780788426254