Hancock County, Indiana, Civil War Soldiers Plus Related Facts


The purpose of this volume is to document as many soldiers as possible who resided in Hancock County, Indiana, before, during or after the Civil War. More than 2,000 names have been compiled from primary military sources, official Hancock County records, newspapers of the era, and numerous secondary sources. Wherever possible, the author has included brief biographies, although some of the entries in this alphabetical list reveal name and unit only. The first chapter of the book, “Call to Arms” gives interesting accounts of army life and what was expected of a soldier. Also included are brief histories of the Home Guards, Union Guards, Morgan’s Raid, the Mississippi Marines, List of Soldiers, regimental histories, descriptions of prisons, the explosion of the ship Sultana, letters from soldiers, the origins of the Grand Army of the Republic, and newspaper articles. The list of soldiers, however, takes up the lion’s share of the book, comprising nearly 400 of the total pages. Approximately 30 soldiers’ photographs impart a sense of personal sacrifice and honor to this work. The index contains subjects and surnames. This book is a must for Indiana genealogists and Civil War historians.


 Sue Baker


(2002), 2006, 5½x8½, paper, index, 552 pp. 

ISBN: 9780788421815