Diggin' Up Bones: Obituaries of Deerfield, Fairview, and Miscellaneous Kearny County Cemeteries, Kearny County, Kansas


The vast majority of the book (about 300 pages) deals with the large Deerfield Cemetery, of which a map is provided. The second part deals with the smaller Fairview Cemetery and the final section is a miscellaneous listing of obituaries dating back to 1877, before Kearny County was organized. In addition to providing the lot, block and section numbers used to locate the gravesite, each entry typically contains information from the original obituary for the deceased that appeared in a local newspaper or another source. All the records include date of birth; date of death; names of spouse(s), children, parents and relatives; and where they were born, lived and died. When available, entries include a short biography of the person and/or historical facts about Kansas. The Deerfield records are current up to April 1, 1997. Relatives and researchers alike will find this book to be a thorough and interesting compilation.

Betty Barnes

1997, 5½x8½, paper, alphabetical, 336 pp.

ISBN: 9780788407901